How it all began & where our journey is destined to go

It all started as a hobby: in 2006, Tom and Johannes brewed their first beer in a canning pot. Apparently it tasted nice, as it soon became clear that this should turn into more than just a hobby. Tom’s brother Michael joined the fun and at the end of 2007 there were early deliberations to open a microbrewery. These somewhat naïve plans, however, were not put into reality (with hindsight we say: thank god!). The idea itself didn’t die, though. And so Tom and Johannes started from scratch and went to Weihenstephan in order to study Brewing and Beverage Technology at the TU Munich. At the beginning of 2012 we returned to our original plans and Raphael joined the crew.

We went through various scenarios in our heads: our own brewery vs. gypsy brewing, establishing a brand and, most importantly, developing recipes. We soon realised that starting with building your own brewery might be a bit tricky, and we settled on the concept of gypsy brewing. Following an intense search for a partner brewery, we finally managed to start our cooperation with Reinhold Barta at Brauhaus Gusswerk. Today, we still brew our beers at Gusswerk, and in a way you can call us sedentary gypsy brewers: in contrast to classic gypsy brewers, who produce their beer (or have it produced) at various breweries, we brew our beers almost exclusively at Gusswerk, strictly according to our own specifications.

For the near future, we are planning to build our own brewery in Vienna.