Über Uns


Brew Age is a young and innovative company taking old brewing traditions and developing them further. The newly created beers and beer styles are then to offer new impressions and flavours to the beer expert and the beer newbie alike.


A salesman if there ever was one. He could also easily serve as town crier – just watch him at the next beer festival.


The first port of call whenever you need beer. Never at a loss, no matter whether the task involves getting his hands dirty or coming up with a splendid idea.


As brewmaster and knight at the court of the King of the Apes, it is his honour and privilege to brew your Brew Age beers. To be able to do so, he has made his hobby his job. Well-equipped with the latest knowledge from the world of beer, he has now started battling for more beer diversity – and with every Brew Age you drink, you can help him in his quest!


The master of numbers – though at the same time he really gets things done. Whatever it is, he’ll work till he drops.


A source of never-ending creativity. His drawings and ideas make our brand what it is – outstandingly fresh!