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  • Bierflasche Barley Wine
  • Bierflasche Honigbock
  • Bierflasche Black IPA
  • Bierflasche Hoppy Lager
  • Bierflasche New England IPA
  • Bierflasche Pale Ale
  • Bierflasche Barrel Aged Wild Ale
  • Bierflasche Imperial IPA
  • Bierflasche Bourbon Barrel Iced Barley Wine
  • Bierflasche Vienna Lager
  • Bierflasche Iced Barley Wine
  • Bierflasche Oatmeal Stout

Brew Age

Brew Age is an Austrian start-up brewery with the aim of refreshing the beer market with creative beer styles. We stand for responsibly enjoyed, high-quality beers full of flavour and with our beer range we want to offer an alternative to standard supermarket beers. It is our ambition to brew extraordinary beers with exceptional flavours for real connoisseurs. We are convinced the time for good beer has come and that we can contribute towards making the beer landscape more creative and diverse. That is why we brew excellent beers and are constantly developing new beer styles.